Peer Feedback

One of the last tasks in completion of this assignment was to give and receive peer feedback. Initially, I was quite reluctant and worried about the implications of critiquing someone else’s work. However, after looking in depth into two other student’s blogs I found it a rewarding and eye-opening experience. This task allowed me to gain feedback and a critical response from two peers. As I am completing this subject via distance, the partial anonymity of the act created a sense of security in saying exactly what I thought, and allowed my peers the same opportunity. The feedback that I received was quite positive, one of them that I received from Kylie Jackson gave me quite an in depth review pin pointing exact issues and changes that needed to be made to my blog, there was a couple of referencing errors that I had overlooked which allowed me to correct these quite fast and easy. The feedback I received from both peers was extremely useful, but being able to read the blogs and explore the rubric in detail allowed me a chance to understand the process that will be made by my tutor. From the peer reviews and extensive exploration of the rubric I found the experience beneficial as it allowed me to reassess and make relevant adjustments to my blog to boost my chances of a higher grade.

Attached is the two rubrics I received from peers as feedback, and the feedback I provided to them.

Feed back I received:

Peer feedback from Kylie Jackson

Peer feedback from Caroline Dixon

Feedback I provided:

Peer feedback for Shelley Neal

Peer feedback for Caroline Dixon


Miles, S. (2014). Time for Feedback [Image]. Retrieved from


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